What Is Tron (TRX) And How Does It Affect The Gaming Industry?

Forex is the largest and most liquid market of its kind, with ease of access and the opportunity to maximise profits attracting an extremely high level of activity over recent years. Helping to create various offshoots in the alternative currency world, one of the most successful examples is Tron, which is often referred to as TRX.

While most people will’ve heard of Bitcoin – perhaps the most famous example of cryptocurrency – Tron is a more niche product, although wildly successful in its own right. Digital currency is becoming increasingly popular, with encryption techniques regulating the generation of units of currency, providing independence from centralised banks on the online marketplace. Many advocates believe this to be a safer and more technologically sound way of managing personal finance, with many disillusioned with traditional banking and the global financial market.

What Is Tron (TRX)

Launched only a year ago in 2017, Tron has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. A blockchain-based entertainment content sharing platform that has the lofty ambition of transforming the global entertainment industry, quickly becoming one of the top ten cryptocurrencies available. Wishing to allow each user to “freely publish, store, and own data,” one of their long-term goals is to help decentralise the internet. All about creating an entirely open environment for users, their goals have been somewhat controversial, as their success would signal a seismic shift in how most people interact with the online world. Wishing to spread profit, rather than allow large multi-national conglomerates to hoover up the lion’s share of money available – with the likes of Google, Apple, Amazon and Facebook obvious targets – their peer-to-peer vision completely cuts out the middleman, allowing content creators to directly interact with consumers.

How Does It Affect The Gaming Industry?

Tron have recently announced a blockchain based gaming fun to the tune of $100 million, which they’re calling Tron Arcade, which will initially run for three years. An extension of their existing mission statement, their aim is to empower existing developers, with the release of the news initially boosting the price and strength of their cryptocurrency, which is likely to have been one of their objectives. A signal of intent and a further reason to keep an eye out for both their future action and waves they’re making in the entertainment sector, the gaming industry is worth billions per year, so it makes perfect sense to see a platform this ambitious looking to capitalise.

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