MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Might Receive Significant Under The Hood Changes In 2019

Next year, in 2019, both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air might receive some significant under the hood changes. That would coincide with the release of Intel Sunny Cove microarchitecture that chipset manufacturer revealed recently. That would mean that, finally, 2019 MacBook models will get 10-nanometer (nm) processors. Also, some rumors said that MacBook Pro and MacBook Air would boast Apple’s own chipsets, most likely the A12X Bionic chip inside the newest iPad Pro.

What’s New From Intel?

Since 2014, Intel has focused on improving its 14-nm chipsets, and the company did a great job in this regard. However, now, Intel announced its 10-nm Sunny Cove CPU microarchitecture, designed to boost the performance per clock and improve power efficiency, as Intel revealed.

As Apple plans some significant changes for its next year’s MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models, we might finally see the new chipset from Intel, Sunny Cove CPU microarchitecture, inside the 2019 MacBook models.

MacBook Pro 2019

Apple might follow its tradition and equip its 13-inch MacBook Pro 2019 model with top-of-the-line Gen11 graphics from Intel. On the other hand, the 15-inch MacBook Pro of 2019 would get one of the latest Intel multi-core mobile processors and AMD graphics.

MacBook Air 2019

The future MacBook Air 2019 might come out with a very-low-power (7-watt) dual-core Amber Lake, the same chipset used in MacBook Air 2018. There’s no reason to believe that Intel would update the Y series to quad-core processors so that we could see a MacBook Air 2019 with only a dual-core CPU.

MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Might Receive Significant Under The Hood Changes In 2019

According to some rumors, both MacBook Pro and MacBook Air 2019 models might receive an Apple chipset such as A12X Bionic chip used in this year’s iPad Pro, which is more performant even than the recently launched Intel i7 mobile processors.

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