WhatsApp Limited The Number of Times A User Can Forward A Message

The latest update to the popular WhatsApp instant messaging application limits the number of times a message can be forwarded. This feature is enabled for the Android system and will soon be implemented on the iOS version of WhatsApp. The measure seeks to counter fake news, several reports indicated.

WhatsApp is the most popular instant messaging application for both Android and iOS. Because of that, WhatsApp has been used to spread fake news on many occasions. Now, in a new update, WhatsApp limited the number of time a user can forward a message, which is, reportedly, a new function to fight against fake news and spam.

The new function is altering the WhatsApp message forwarding feature which has been implemented in the popular instant messaging app this year.

WhatsApp Limited The Number of Times A Message Can Be Forwarded

Many users of the application have wondered why they could not forward a message, video or photo. That is probably related to the new security measure WhatsApp has just implemented.

The widespread application limited the number of times the same message can be forwarded to five. From now on, in these cases, you have to copy and paste the text or download the multimedia content to send it as a new message.

WhatsApp Wants To Combat Fake News With This New Function

With this new measure, users who broadcast fake, annoying or false news channels will have to take the trouble to repeat the operation several times, so this limitation is expected to discourage these actions.

Although the WhatsApp devs did not officially state that the update is for this purpose, it was expected by some users that this function would be extended to the entire world, as in India the message forwarding has already been limited due to the wave of fake news in the country, as several tech news sites reported.

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