Clash Royale’s Successor Brawl Stars Is a Promising New Game You Must Check Out

If you like Clash of Clans or Clash Royale, then you must try Brawl Stars right now, and we’re not the only ones urging you to do it! The game was released in Canada in June 2017, but it was tweaked and adapted, and it has finally got famous all over the world – and for some great reasons.

First of all, you gave the team-based multiplayer shooter on your mobile phone. It’s a MOBA-lite, an objective-based shooter, and a battle royale game – all of these in one attractive game. It’s free to play and has many game modes you can choose from, like ‘Gem Grab,’ ‘Showdown,’ and three multiplayer games ‘Bounty,’ ‘Heist,’ and ‘Brawl Ball.’

Matches last a few minutes, and the controls are virtual joysticks on the screen – very easy to use. The fights are impressive, look great, the movement and aiming in-game are accurate, and there is no learning curve to it either! The weapons players use guns and missiles, all taken down to a tiny size so that it can also be friendly for the younger player base – as it has an E10+ rating.

Unlock Characters, Upgrade Your Favorites and Win Battles

Players begin with a single brawler once they enter the game, but they can also unlock other characters in time. Each character has special abilities you can improve and upgrade.

The design is cartoonish, and characters look vibrant – they are diverse, and the effects of attacks and attributes make them feel unique on the battlefield.

While Brawl Stars might not be an esport material kind of game and yield too much strategic potential, it sure is simple and exciting for players that want to try fresh games. This bite-sized treat is perfect for when you want something new on your phone, be it an iOS or an Android.

If you’ve already tried this game, check out this next article that focuses on tips and tricks you can use to win battles and improve your experience.

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