Supercell’s Brawl Stars: Tips and Tricks To Raise You to the Top

Supercell’s great games like Clash of Clans, Clash Royale and Boom Beach have stormed the mobile devices, be it smartphones or tablets. And not that they have the recipe for a successful game, what’s to stop them from creating another one.

We’re talking about Brawl Stars which was released last year, but got tweaked recently and this past month it became very popular.

If you’re already playing the game, then you should check out the next tips and tricks if you want to be part of the top of the leaderboard, get trophies and many rewards.

Brawl Stars Tips, Tricks and Cheats

Know what you’re playing, and that means you must understand what each game mode means. The modes are Gem Grab, Showdown, Bounty, Heist, and Brawl Ball.

If you just logged into the game, then you will only be able to play one game type, but after some time, you can unlock other modes as you reach the trophy limit.

Use specific brawlers to win a particular mode.

Some Brawlers are better in a mode than others are. For example, you want a good ranger in the mode Gem Grab – like Penny, Dynamite, Poco, Ricochet, Nita, Shelly, Mortis, Bo, or Barley. Showdown will require a Brawler with a higher attack or a higher HP – like Colt, Bull, Colt, El Primo, and Frank. For the Bounty Mode, you need good damage dealers from afar or those who can use a healing ability – like Crow, Pico, Piper, Brock, and Penny. Brawl Ball requires a high damage dealer with high HP teammates that can back them up – try Bull, Crow, Bo, Mortis, and Barley.

Heist will need Brawlers that can have a healing ability or another utility ability like a turret Super – get Jessie, Penny, Dynamike, Barley, Poco, and Nita. As for the last one, Big Game needs players like Jessie, Nita, Leon, and Crow. Here, you will need characters that are good bosses or you can rely on them for crowd controls like slow, stun, or even poison – you can opt for Crow, Spike or Frank.

Gem Hunt and Showdown will make your life difficult, but you can win if you are patient. If your HP is low, hide, don’t move and wait to recover a portion of life – in a bush or behind a wall. Also, clear the bushes of enemies, as they will probably do the same. You can stop them from healing by shooting at them, but they would also use the same tactic once you try to recover.

As you complete the modes, you get rewards like Trophies, Tokens, and Star Tokens.

You can unlock extra Brawl Boxes, rewards, game modes, and Brawlers with Trophies. A hundred Tokens will unlock a Brawl Box, and 10 Star tokens will open a Big Box. If you are a level 9 player, each type of box will offer Coins, Gems, Brawler Star Powers. Use the coins to upgrade your favorite Brawlers once their Power Point meter is filled.

And remember to have fun!

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