Showbox Available on Your TV with Chromecast

Get yourself together because now you can watch your favorite movies or tv shows on TV. ShowBox has added Chromecast, and this is the best thing that has happened lately. Previously, you could only watch the movies on your smartphone by using the Showbox App, but now we can definitely watch them on our TVs. It’s a free app, so you won’t have to worry about additional costs.

In order to see the movies or tv shows on a TV, you have to install the app on your TV. First, you need to download the ShowBox app on your Android or iOS device. The process is very easy.

Download GrowBox – which is a must for the Showbox Movies. It acts like an MX player. You should know that ShowBox has two different types of players: internal and external. You need to choose the external one. To install GrowBox, you’ll need an APK. Keep in mind that, in order to install GrowBox, you must uninstall the MX Player. After you have downloaded the APK file, start installing it.

Now you need a casting app. After you’ve downloaded it, connect it to your streaming device. You’ll see a yellow button with a symbol close to the one Wi-Fi has.

Remember to always download everything using a VPN, for safety reasons.

How to watch movies on ShowBox?

First of all, open the movie you want to see. Choose the external player, and then click on Watch now. You’ll automatically see the casting app. It will also connect to the Streaming Device automatically if you have connected Chromecast through your Wi-Fi.


This app is one of the best on the market at the moment. It is able to cast videos, music, and photos. Its features include support for the devices like chrome cast and

This is the best and leading app in the market. It can cast videos photos and music some features of this bubbleUPnP casting app are DLNSdevices. It has transcoding, which means that you can play incompatible media formats on chrome cast.

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