PureVPN – Secure & Best Free VPN for Android 7.0.1 Provides Better Connectivity Through The IKEV Protocol

PureVPN has been rated the number one VPN by Trustpilot this year and that happened because it is a one-stop solution for your online privacy, security, WiFi security, and anonymity. The people that developed PureVPN made sure to deliver the only secure VPN service coming with such advanced features, making this app the best possible choice for VPN security.

Download PureVPN with special offers.

This means that you will get ultimate safety and protection as well as the ability to browse the web without having to deal with any sort of restrictions. PureVPN is capable of offering you unlimited VPN bandwidth coupled with some serious speed which makes it the best virtual private network provider available right now on the market.

Here’s what you’ll get right away

First and foremost, you should know that PureVPN comes with an offer of a 7-day VPN trial for your complete peace of mind. This means that you will enjoy a VPN trial of the world’s fastest, safest and simplest VPN service. Make sure to download it today!

Then, here are the helpful features included in the PureVPN package:

  • Complete private internet access with support in multiple languages
  • Keep your internet requests secure
  • Proactive protection from online threats and malware
  • Absolute anonymity on your Android phone
  • Stop and block incoming online threats

Of course, you can access some advanced features as well. These come with Ozone, which will grant you a variety of characteristics which transformed PureVPN into the ideal secure VPN service. These features include:

App Blocker: Don’t want an app to run on your device? Now you can filter it with this feature.

Smart Antivirus Protection: This feature watches your back, guarding you against malware and viruses.

Content Filter: This feature scans and eliminates undesired content.

IDS and IPS: A built-in proactive firewall that protects you against invaders trying to infiltrate your network or device.

Web Filter: Filter websites you don’t want to browse.

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