Best Custom ROMs For Android Smartphones

If you plan on using your Android smartphone for a long time, you’ll most likely get bored of its GUI, apps, and everything else, while you’ll also find yourself in the impossibility to update it to the latest Android versions or Google security patches. So, what’s left for you would be to install a custom ROM, but since there are dozens of them on the Internet, it might be challenging for the less tech-savvy users to choose the best one. To help you, here’s a list of the best custom ROMs for Android smartphones.

A custom ROM is an official Android version designed by devs on the basis of the Android open-source versions Google releases. So, even when your device is not anymore supported by the manufacturer with new updates and security patches, you’ll be able to update it using custom ROMs.

Best Custom ROMs For Android Smartphones


LineageOS is the legacy of the renowned and appreciated CyanogenMod which, unfortunately, is a dead project. However, LineageOS comes with almost all those exciting features and tweaks of CyanogenMod, and it is ideal for beginners in custom ROMs installation and use.

With a clean interface and launcher, a camera app full of cool features, and necessary pre-installed apps, LineageOS is a great option.


One of the best custom ROMs for Android smartphones, if not the best one out there, OmniROM is also one of the successors of CyanogenMod, and it’s quite more that than LineageOS.

OmniROM, furthermore, is designed by former members of the MOD team and supports a vast variety of smartphones, including Xiaomi smartphones, OnePlus, Nexus, Sony and Motorola devices, as well. It packs dozens of cool features and tweaks, plus that it is very customizable.

Pixel Experience

In case you like the new Google Pixel 3 and 3XL devices but can’t afford to buy one of them, at least you’ll be able to enjoy their interface and features with Pixel Experience, one of the best custom ROMs for Android smartphones.

Pixel Experience will turn every Android phone into an exact Google Pixel 3 experience with all what that means – launcher, icons, fonts, features, apps, and so on.

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