Secure your Amazon Fire TV Stick with a VPN: Watch Netflix and Hulu

Many users wondered how others can enjoy their favorite content even when they travel abroad or live in a country where it is not available. They are able to do it because they are using a VPN service. There is a wealth of VPN services available for smartphones or PCs.

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is one of the most popular devices on the market. It is able to convert a regular TV into a smart TV that can stream content from several streaming platforms like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime among others.

What is VPN and why would you need one?

A VPN will automatically encrypt your data traffic, keeping it safe from unsavory third-parties that want to track your online activity. Instead of tracking your actual IP they will monitor an IP provided by your VPN server. It allows you to switch countries virtually and gain access to restricted content while also boosting the overall security of your system. Those that travel will be able to enjoy their favorite shows even if they decide to visit countries located on the other side of the world.


PureVPN is a comprehensive VPN solution that works across several platforms including the FireStick. The app is easy to configure and a Smart Connect feature will instantly find the best server in order to keep performance high.


Particularly popular among Kodi users IPVanish delivers a premium performance and it is also easy to use. The app is also compatible with remote controls.


This one is set apart by the fact that is offers dedicated servers for each streaming service in order to keep performance high. Users don’t need to sign-in and the fact that it works on several platforms makes it convenient.

What to do after you acquire a VPN?

In order to facilitate access to restricted content you to apply some of the following steps.

Change the time zone on the device

This can be done by going to Settings/System and Time Zone and changing the time zone in concordance the country in which the content is available.

Change the location on your Amazon account

Access your Amazon Account and go to the Settings Tab. Look for country settings and adjust the country and address accordingly. You should be good to go after clicking the Update button.

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