Viber vs. WhatsApp – Best VoIP Features and Improvements Comparison

VoIP Features

Even if you use Viber or WhatsApp, you can message and call anyone that has one of these apps too, everything without getting a penny out of your pocket. However, the thing with WhatsApp is that you can’t call someone who does not use the app.

With Viber, on the other side, there is a different situation.

This app comes with Viber Out which is a fully-fledged VoIP feature. What this does is it provides you with the opportunity of calling worldwide to mobiles or landlines — all of this for a small amount of money. As long as you use PayPal or a credit card to load up your account with some money, you are free to call anyone you want, wherever they are, whether they use Viber or not.

Desktop Access

Regarding WhatsApp, while using it on your Windows or Mac desktop, you can only use the messaging feature. When it comes to voice calls, you can only use the mobile app.

On the other hand, Viber has better and more impressive desktop apps.

If you are using one of these apps, you will not be left out of using any of the usual IM features. Video and voice calls are still available to be made to other users of this app.

Public Accounts and Chats

According to Viber, they are “the world’s most comprehensive communication experience.” So they would not make you think different, they also host public accounts. If you want to access these, you can do so by pressing on the Publicbutton at the bottom of the app.

Celebrities and brands usually set up this kind of accounts in order to interact and update the people that are following them on Viber. You can interact with these people based on the settings chosen by them. You would usually see streams of updates.

The only thing you can do though is to like the updates. Some of these accounts can be contacted privately too.


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