What Should We Expect from Apple Devices That Run on iOS 13?

We know that Apple has already started to work on the next-gen versions of iOS – iOS 13. they’ve been working for some months now.

After Christmas holidays end

We’ve first seen devices that run on iOS 13 in October, and throughout November and December, iOS 13 has started to make its appearance in more and more devices. That decreased slightly at the end of December, but it should start to increase again, after the holidays. The work will continue soon.

We get to see the delayed features from iOS 12

The company starts working on its new versions of iOS months in advance, and some details have already surfaced on the internet – we know what should we expect of iOS 13. many iOS 12 features were delayed in order for Apple to work on fixing all the bugs and making improvements, but we cannot wait to see these features that were delayed in iOS 13.

What are other features?

There are many rumors out there that have suggested that iOS 13 will get new features that were originally aimed for iPad owners, like revamped Files app, support for using the same app in Split View, multitasking mode, and in-app tabs for multiple windows of the same app.

Among other delayed iOS 12 features, there’s also revamped Home screen app grid, for both iPad and iPhone, and even expanded photo management features.

There are more leaks to come

We’re expecting more leaks in the following months, and we’ll probably get to see more features sooner than expected. Apple is still testing the update, so there will probably be leaks.

What do fans want?

People have also come with a list of features that they want to see in iOS 13. they’re asking for dark more, Messages hub, setting to select a default when it comes to mail, and an option to give the dock, or even remove it.

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