CES 2019: New Tech Trends For Gamers?

It’s been years since CES transitioned from the “consumer electronics show” to showing new tech and setting the trend for the current year. So, with this in mind, expect to see new ideas or new versions of popular devices and products that are not ready to launch on the market.

This year’s CES in Las Vegas will be started by Nvidia tonight with the CEO Jensen Huang’s presentation.

Nvidia Updates

What could Nvidia have to show us on CES 2019? We might learn about new graphics chips for PC gaming – maybe even the rumored RTX 2080 spinoffs and the leaked GeForce MX250 will be part of the presentation. What we will surely not hear about is cryptocurrency mining since it became less popular.

Anyway, as the event officially opens on 8 January, we should see a lot of products being announced and what companies are working on this year.

Gaming Tech at CES 2019

Except for the console and the AAA titles that will be announced in the next months, CES 2019 will present accessories for consoles or new tech for mobile gaming.

PlayStation will get many third-party gamepads and hard drives, but also PlayStation VR accessories and even interactive lighting for the room that goes great with PlayStation games.

Mobile gaming will get new gamepads and cooling accessories that clip on the phones, full gaming docks to turn that phone into a gaming station and many other goodies.

We’re also hoping Samsung to show off their highly-anticipated ‘Sound on Display’ OLED Panels!

Expect to see these new projects presented at conferences like “Gaming: The Killer AR/VR/MR App,”  “VR/AR/MR Everywhere: Hospitality, Arcades and Theme Parks” – (January 7), “5G and Entertainment” (January 9) and more. Among the exhibitors, you will see Cybershoes, DXRacer, Leica Geosystems AG part of Hexagon AB, Mantis Vision Ltd., NDI, Orbbec Co., Ltd., ORBI Inc., Royole  Corporation, and many more!

On the official CES page, you can check out more info on the schedule and conferences for gaming tech.

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