CES 2019: Samsung Rumored to Show off ‘Sound on Display’ OLED Panels

As we all know, all smartphones from these past generations began to show off bigger screens and smaller bezels. iPhone came up with the notch design to keep the sensors and the camera but make room for a bigger screen, and other brands used the same concept later. But Samsung is known for always retaliating with their own move, and by the look of their Galaxy phones, the lack of bezels is their trademark. But according to rumors from the news site Electronic Times, Samsung might soon demonstrate something more interesting they will add to their OLED Panels: Sound!

Sound Under the Screen

At CES 2019 which is next month, Samsung might show off their “Sound on Display” (SoD) OLED panels. The tech has been announced earlier this year. The SoD panels would replace the external speakers, and the display will emit sound. This means that Samsung will use vibration and bone conduction and place the components under the screen’s surface, thus leaving more room for the display. The SoD panels could also be used for the next generation TVs.

Will the Galaxy S10 Come With an SoD Panel?

When this technology will be used is still unknown, but we do know that it was announced a few months ago and it could be demonstrated next month at CES. It is unlikely the Galaxy S10 will come with SoD panels, but there have been rumors that say otherwise, so we can just wait and hope for the best.

LG is also working on a similar in-display sound technology, and they will probably bring it at the event as well. CES 2019 will begin on 8 January and end on 12 January. There, Samsung and many other brands will show their new tech that could be used in the devices that will come out in 2019.

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