League of Legends: Patch 9.2 Preview and the New Champion Sylas

Just when you thought that Riot Games was taking a break for the holidays, they have prepared an awesome beginning of 2019 with a new champion reveal and some updates that might come before or with the launch of patch 9.2.

Patch 9.2 Preview

According to a series of Twitter updates, Richard ‘MapleNectar’ Henkel, the Riot Games Product Lead for the Balance Team, explained that the next update would come with some changes for a few champions.

MapleNectar did not give many details, but he summed up the things he and his team are now fixing in League of Legends.

The last few patches have had a jungle issue – and the team is looking into reducing jungle influence on the map. Riot will also make so more changes to Marksmen and improve ADCs just as they did in patch 9.1.

According to his tweets, MapleNectar said that they are doing these changes and that they could come out in the next patch or later.

Neeko is getting buffed, while Galio is getting nerfed.

Sylas, “the Unchained”

Now on to the newly revealed champion which we talked about in this article, Riot has just posted a video of the highly awaited mage. You can check his trailer here.

Sylas is a mage that has an ultimate which lets him copy another champion’s ultimate. His abilities are a CC (slow) – “Chain Lash,” a life-stealing ability – “Kingslayer,” and “Abscond/Abduct,” which is a dash and when recast, he pulls himself with a hook to the aimed enemy.

Looking at his abilities, Sylas is a good top laner, but can also be played anywhere else, depending on the meta and creativity.

During his reveal in a recent story, Sylas was shown as a young mageseeker that was supposed to catch his mage friends who broke Demacian law. Ultimately, he faces a tragic ending and becomes an enemy to the Demacians. He’s captured and imprisoned, but he escapes – thus the name Sylas “the Unchained.” His single intent is to get his revenge on Demacia’s rulers.

As to when we will be able to see Sylas and play it, we’ll have to wait for Riot to announce it.

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