How Were the Pyramids Built? We May Have the Answer

There are many mysteries around the Egyptian pyramids and how they were constructed. There are many theories, and you’re probably not impressed by the alien one or the slave labor one. So the question still stands: how. A new discovery could change everything.

Among many theories, there’s still one question

The Great Pyramid of Giza is the largest and the oldest pyramid, with 146.5 meters – so the name is not really without reason. It was constructed around 2560 B.C.E at the wish of Pharoah Khufu, but no one really knows how. In time, archeologists were able to explain the mechanisms behind the construction of the building. They have an explanation of how the stones got moved from one location to another – by wetting the sand first. But how were they lifted high into the air and then put in a gigantic triangle? Researchers believed they had a sort of ramp, and it’s understandable why they thought that way. But there was no proof of that. Well, now there might be.

There’s a ramp in Hatnub

A team found an unusual ramp in Egypt’s eastern desert, in Hatnub. It is carved in the ground, thing that showed some advanced technological achievements. The ramp was pretty steep and flanked on both of the sides by staircases. They were marked with recurring holes that probably contained wooden posts – that probably rotted long ago. This hasn’t been discovered any place else. It dates to around 4,500 years ago, which is long before the construction even started. The holes show a kind of rope and pulley system. This ramp is cut into the rock, which means that it wasn’t used to build the actual pyramid.

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