Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp And Instagram In One App. What We Know So Far

Facebook wants to make one big messaging platform out of Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger. These 3 services would remain separate apps, but the tech behind the scenes would be the one to be the same.

Why would they want to do this?

Even if they change just a bit the surface, it will have an impact on those who use these apps. For examples, for ads, they would build a single user profile from all of the apps.

Of course, the apps will have end-to-end encryption, the thing that protects the messages from being read by people that don’t take part in the conversation.

They want for us to be easier to reach our friends and family through the apps. There are still many questions to ask, and debate is happening, figuring it out all the details of the work.

Facebook said that 2.6 billion of people use the app, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger every month. Also, more than 2 billion people use at least one of the apps every day.

One of the analysts from eMarketer said that the data will be shared between the apps, of course, and that it would be easier for Facebook to track all the activities of its users in order to target ads in a more efficient way.

For users, this might means that what they do a WhatsApp will be associated with what they do on Facebook or Instagram. However, according to some sources, people need to understand that using all of them in already like using one single app.

After Facebook bought Instagram and WhatsApp, both of the platforms remained independent titles. However, you’ve already seen how Facebook friend suggestions appeared on Instagram and now you are using Messenger instead of Facebook more. So it’s already happening, step by step.




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