Best Ways to Save Online Videos to Watch Later

Do you enjoy watching online videos, but wish you had some way that you could save some of them so that you can watch them at some other time – possibly when you’re offline? As you know that isn’t an option that is normally provided, but there are ways to do it nonetheless.

While there are many different ways that you can save online videos, the best options are two use one of the three types of methods listed below:

  • ‘Video downloader’ websites

For years now ‘video downloader’ websites have been the most popular way to save online videos. To use one all you normally need to do is copy and paste the URL where the video is located and the platform will process it then display a link that you can use to download the video.

Although that is easy enough, ‘video downloader’ websites tend to have limitations. Some may restrict the maximum duration or file size of the videos that you can download, others may limit the quality, and yet others may only work with videos from certain platforms.

On top of that because they require a URL, this method cannot save online videos that are playing within apps. Some video downloader websites also have lots of ads, so you may want to use an ad-blocker of some kind too.

  • Browser extensions that detect the video source

It should be noted that some browser extensions to save online videos are really just different versions of the ‘video downloader’ websites described above. However there are others that will detect the video source of any videos on the website you’re viewing and let you download the video directly from it.

By downloading directly from the source you don’t need to worry about limitations to the duration, file size, or quality. However because such extensions only work in browsers, you won’t be able to save online videos from apps – and some websites may ‘hide’ the video source making it impossible to detect.

Keep in mind that not all browser extensions are safe, so you should only download those from reputable sources.

  • Screen recorders

If you choose to use a screen recorder, you will be able to record any online videos that you want as they play on your screen. In doing so you can effectively save any and all online videos – sans limitations.

The only downside of this option is the time it takes – which is the same as the duration of the video. That is why the best screen recorder to use is one that has a way to automate the recording, such as Movavi Screen Recorder Studio for example.

Initially you should try each of the options described and get a feel for how they work. That will help you to decide which one you prefer to use.

Suffice to say between all the options in front of you, at least one should help you to save online videos and watch them later.

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