Most Customer Centric VPN of 2018 – Now You Know!

2018 is over, but the impact it has on us can still be felt. The year was dotted with thousands of cyberattacks across the globe, causing loss of millions for the people who surfed the internet without taking any safety measures. Naturally, with the rise in online attacks, privacy concerned users turned towards VPN providers to keep them safe online.

Many new players came and left the online space over the last decade alone, but few managed to stay in business and continue meeting the expectations of their users. More so, there are many different features that each VPN offers. Some of them are great at allowing users to stream restricted content while others treat cybersecurity as their forte.

For 2018, PureVPN was one brand that shone bright and lead the way by adopting a customer-centric strategy. Here are a few achievements by PureVPN in 2018 – we think it’s something that every VPN provider should notice.

Customer-Centric Approach

PureVPN seems to have some of the brightest minds in its team. Overtime, the VPN has taken measures and offered incentives to its users that have made ripples across the online space. For instance, its ongoing campaign against cyberstalking has managed to reach and influence millions of internet users around the world and has created awareness among the masses.

According to polls conducted by the VPN provider, people believe that they have become much more aware about their online safety and are now better equipped to deal with issues related to online harassment.

Innovation with Customers in Mind

Throughout 2018, PureVPN introduced a wide array of features and conveniences that were designed keeping the needs of users in mind. A few features introduced by PureVPN that received the most popularity from its users include ad-blocking, modes, and upgrades on the Android app which have made the online experience an absolute bliss for PureVPN users.

Global Footprint

In just about a decade, PureVPN has gone from a few dozen servers to more than 2,000 servers placed in more than 180 locations across the world. These servers are optimized for providing stable streaming and flawless security on all your internet-enabled devices.

For every device that you use to go online, PureVPN has a solution that you can use to keep yourself protected online. Apart from dedicated apps for iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS, PureVPN also offers add-ons, apps, and applets for multiple Wi-Fi routers and gaming consoles, as well as browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Final Word

For 2019, the number of cyberattacks, and the people who will be impacted due to them, will only go up. It is only wise to ensure that your digital identity is safe online, and that your financial information and sensitive data doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

No matter which region you live in, and what your activities and interests are based upon, in today’s time of online restrictions, it is extremely important to always use a VPN for anything you do online.

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