Clash Royale Balance Update Live: These Cards Got Nerfed, Buffed and Tweaked

Almost a month has passed since the last balance update went live. Back then, a lot more cards were affected by changes, some were welcomed, and some were not. Now the Clash Royale team has looked at the feedback from the community on Reddit and social media, tested and looked at the stats and concluded the following cards needed to be refined.

Today, you will only see a few changes, and we’re looking at Freeze, Three Musketeers, Cannon Cart, Knight, Dart Goblin, and Clone.

Below, we will talk about these changes and why the team at Clash Royale decided they needed to tweak them. We’ll start with the buffs and then go to the nerfs and changes.


Musketeer: Damage +3%

The team felt like this basic troop was not used and set aside for other ranged troops that added more utility, so they made it stronger – you can now use it to easily destroy enemies like Dragon, Prince, Inferno Dragon and so on.

Cannon Cart: Hit Speed faster 1.3 -> 1.2

In the past, the team has nerfed Cannon Cart to the point where from high win rate decks, it went straight to the bottom of the use charts. To make it playable again against cards like Bowler, Mortar, and others, the team has reverted the last nerf.

Knight: Hitpoints +2.5%

The Knight was made to withstand many hits, so it needs more hitpoints – it can now resist 3 P.E.K.K.A hits, and it is a good alternative to cards like Ice Golem, Rascals, and Valkyrie.


Three Musketeers: Elixir Cost increased 9 -> 10

So far, all the balancing done to this card hasn’t made it less dominant in the meta, so after indirect buffs of counters and nerfing support cards, the team decided it was time to finally nerf this card by increasing its cost.

Freeze: Damage -6%, Freeze Duration Reduced 5.0sec -> 4.0sec

Freeze is too powerful, says the Clash Royale team, adding that it is “antithetical to our desire of having counterplay and Troop-based combat as the main drivers in a game of Clash Royale, so we are taking it down a power level.”

Dart Goblin: Hit Speed slower 0.65sec -> 0.7sec

We know you like this high-risk, high-reward card, but the fast attack speed does too much damage for the little time it gets to live, so the team reduced the speed a little to have a smaller damage output.


Clone: New Clone placement

Until this change, the Clone appeared left, sometimes ahead of the real Troop. It will now stay behind and protect the troop, “protecting it for better, more consistent attack strategies,” wrote the team on Reddit.

You can check out the video provided by Clash Royale on YouTube where they show a very short description of the nerfs, buffs and changes.

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