How To Read Deleted Messages from WhatsApp?

The new feature from WhatsApp that allows its users to erase messaged has been waited for for a long time because until it was implemented, we had to live with the embarrassment of a wrongly-sent message for our whole lives. Luckily, we will no longer be kept up at night by our brains pointing out the messages we sent to the wrong receiver. Or will it? The fact is, the erased messaged can be seen, so they are not entirely out of there. If you want to know how to read the messages other people deleted, here is how to to it.

How to read messages you thought were deleted from your contacts on WhatsApp

When someone decides that they no longer want you to see the message they sent, they can erase it and instead of it the statement “The message was deleted.” pops up. The thing is, curiosity is in our gene as people, so we will always wonder what has been written before.

If you want to be able to read the messages that have been erased, all you need to do it to download an app that keeps track of all your incoming messages and notifications. For example, you can either use Notification History or Notif Log notification history.

How does it work?

When you provide access to one of the two apps you downloaded, it will override other apps in order to gather notification data this is why you need to grant them permission.

After doing that, every notification that you receive will be logged in, even those from messages that were deleted later.

It is just as easy as that. You can now take advantage of this app and search in the history for the messages that were previously deleted.

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