Fortnite: Will They Really Add Vehicle Refueling?

We’ve all seen how, in Fortnite, you can drive a vehicle until it doesn’t work anymore. The planes are more of its thing, so players suggested the team to make a way to refuel them, since it would be a great idea to lower the power level, while still being in the game. A full vaulting was maybe the best way, but the idea is nice.

Some rumors on the internet show that vehicle refueling might actually happen for this game in the future. They even found a logo for it.

What are the pros of vehicle refueling?

Vehicle refueling means powerful vehicles. Fortnite wanted to see how a vehicle can work with the planes. The situation went from casual to heavy vehicles in almost no time, with a weird way to go all around the map. With refueling, you might get to try a tank or a rocket.

Epic will keep all the vehicles in check. Right now, Fortnite tries a variety of aspects, like damage or health. With fuel, it will be easier to lower or raise the power level of a vehicle.

You can add a strategy if you use a vehicle. In the game, right now things are different – it’s not that fun. If Epic wants to make it different, then it will let players choose when to fuel their vehicles.

What are the cons of vehicle refueling?

There will probably be no new vehicles. Fortnite already has some badass vehicles, so why add more? They come with dual support, and you can attach any gun there, which will give you even more power.

Would it really work? They will need to add more gas stations around the map. Those existing could be transformed, but think about all the details.

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