Clash of Clans April Update Gets Bug Fixes – Get Clash of Clans 11.446.15

The Supercell dev team behind Clash of Clans has been pretty busy lately with the April update. First, they had to delay it until April 2 because on April 1 they experienced a major bug that was causing some serious issues. Thankfully, they fixed it right on time for the next day, but also were aware that several other small bugs had been introduced with the latest update.

However, they did announce the problems and even had a maintenance to solve some of them, as we mentioned in our article were we covered all the patch notes and issues with the April update – check it out here.

Clash of Clans 11.446.15 (Optional Update)

Today, we got a new update, which is optional in the app stores. You can also find it on APK mirror later today. Here is the press release from the Clash of Clans team, where they talk about the bug fixes they have introduced with the optional update:

We are rolling out an optional update to the app stores that includes the following fixes:

  •     Fix for crash on launch affecting some Sony devices
  •     Game crashing when taking the boat to visit another player
  •     Builder Base Wall costs being shown wrong in upgrade suggestions
  •     Battle Machine animations getting stuck during attack
  •     Other smaller visual and UI bugs

The team has also mentioned that this update is version number 11.446.15, and that it is already available in Google Play Store, and will son appear on iOS App Store and on Amazon.

We recommend updating your Clash of Clans so that you can experience the game with no crashes or bugs. Check back here for more Clash of Clans updates, tips and tricks.

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