Is the Smartphone Market Declining? Can They Save It?

You have probably heard the bad news about the sales of the iPhone – that went down with 17%. But this means that you also know the good news – iPhone will only go up, according to market experts.

The worst pieces of news come for the entire smartphone industry. The analyst firm named IDC has reported the smartphone shipments for the first quarter of 2019, and it seems that they went down with 6.6% from the very same period of 2018. Samsung has also reported its earnings, and it is expected to be put under pressure by the big guys from the smartphone industry in the second half of the year.

We are not really sure how or if the smartphones will actually return to their growth in this situation.

From 2017 we got some tips that people were keeping their smartphones way longer than expected. In 2018, Maverick Capital stated that the glory days of the revolution of smartphones are actually way behind us, due to the differences between the older and the newer devices – it is quite hard to have an explanation for each successive upgrade. But that is not all, new customers are also hard to find. According to some research, about 80% of Americans have smartphones nowadays. This means that companies need different tactics to deal with this slowdown.

What are the tactics we are talking about?

Let us take a clear example: Apple has doubled down its business, with iCloud, Apple Music and Apple Pay. With these, the company can get more revenue for every iPhone user. This approach to the problem is slowly showing progress – Apple has reported that its revenue was up with 16%.

Samsung or Huawei, even Motorola have tried new thing in order to get ahead in the market, such as 5G wireless internet and foldable screens. Samsung is expected to come with a 5G compatible version of the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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