League of Legends Malphite New Changes – Updated in 9.11 PBE

League of Legends‘ Public Beta Environment is quite busy this week with all the changes that are tested for Diana, Teemo, Wukong, Zac, Malphite and other champions and items.

Let’s check out what happens to the living mountain in this PBE cycle.

Malphite Updated in PBE

In a recent update on the Malphite changes, Riot Lutzberg wrote in his thread the Dev Corner board what has been changed lately in PBE. Here’s what got reverted and what remained for further testing.

These are the changes mentioned by Riot Lutzberg:

Passive – Granite Shield

  • “Size scaling has been refactored to account for the massive Armor values Malphite can get through his W. His growth spurt now caps out at ~700 Armor”

Q – Seismic Shard

  • AP ratio and Cast time were reverted to LIVE value
  • “Q now checks if “stealing” move speed would result in a faster Malphite, and uses that value in the rare cases when it does”

W – Thunderclap

  • 3x Armor multiplier has been retained
  • Mana cost increased to 30 (from 25)
  • W got nerfed over the last two weeks because its sustained damage and dueling potential were a major red flag during internal testing, explains Lutzberg.

E- Ground Slam

  • Mana cost at all ranks got decreased by 10

Base Stats 

The base stats might not make it through like this in the live chat, explained Lutzberg, adding that these numbers could make Malphite too OP and might need to be tweaked after testing:

“Goal was to further solidify Malphite as the definitive anti-AD tank while indirectly nerfing his late-game AA damage potential.”

  • Attack Speed growth reduced to 3 (from 3.4)
  • Base Armor increased to 40 (from 37)
  • Armor growth increased to 4 (from 3.75)
  • HP rounded up to 575 (from 574.2)

And if you haven’t had the chance to see the VFX update on Malphite, here’s how he would look in the future:


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