Use Dual WhatsApp Accounts on the Same Android Device: Make the Most out of GBWhatsApp

Some people believe that one account on WhatsApp is not enough. Sometimes they need two in order to keep their personal lives apart of the professional one. Having a second phone does not make sense for most of them, so we come with a solution.

But why do people want to use it?

As said above, they want to separate their personal one apart of the professional one. You can also keep away some of the people that disturb you.

How can you use it?

The first option is to use another version of the official app. There are many Whatsapp mod versions and you can try some of them, such as WhatsApp+, GBWhatsApp or OGWhatsApp. The most popular one is GBWhatsApp, and it is compatible with all the Android versions, that are above 2.3. It has the same user interface as the official app. You can send more than ten photos at a time. Also, you can send large video files.

You are able to customize the app as you like – hide and view status feature, change the icons. Both images and videos retain their original quality, because they do not get compressed. You can add a new collection of themes.

How to install it

Download the GBWhatsApp APK file. Make sure you take it from a safe source. After you download it, open the home screen and open the app. You need to click on Agree and then on Continue. Then, you need to enter your second number, then submit the OTP to verify the number. Then you can create the account. Choose your username and add a picture. Then, all you have to do is to click on Done, then it should work.

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