Brawl Stars 18.104 Version: What Is New?

In this game, you can battle your friends, or go solo through many game modes in about 3 minutes. You can unlock and then upgrade a lot of Brawlers, that come with super abilities.

You can collect or buy amazing skins, which you can brag about or simply show in the arena. You might want to start a band and then share tactics.

Fight in multiple game modes

Gem Grab

For this one, create a team and make strategies. Try to defeat the opposing team. Get ten gems in order to win. This one is a 3v3 mode.


This is a battle of survival. You need to collect power-ups for your Brawler. You can play with someone, or go solo. You need to be the last brawler from the battle. Don’t forget that the winner takes it all. This one is a duo or solo mode.


Defeat your opponent in order to earn stars, and don’t let him take them away from you. The squad that has the most starts will win. This one is a 3v3 mode.


Keep your team safe and try to defeat your opponents. Take a look at the map and see where you can sneak and go to the treasure of the enemy. This one is a 3v3 mode.

Brawl Ball

This one is a new Brawl game. You need to play football and score two goals before the other team does. Use whatever you can, cause no one can give you a red card. This one is a 3v3 mode.

So what’s new?

You are invited to Retropolis! It’s a brand new world that you get to see in Brawl Stars. It comes with new skins and new maps, even a new environment.

You will also get a new epic Brawler, whose name is Bibi.  She can knock back enemies when she is fully charged.

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