Final Fantasy XVI – Here’s What The Players Expect From The Next Installment In The Series

Square Enix is well known for taking their time with the remake and release of their games. What we know at the moment is that the next significant thing expected to appear is the remake of Final Fantasy VII series. Even if the Final Fantasy 7 Remake is on its way, we still have Final Fantasy XVI to think about.

By reviewing Reddit and other gaming websites where people are sharing their thoughts on Final Fantasy XVI and its promises, one can rapidly see that fans of the game want more of what XV offered but bettered.

The Final Fantasy XV’s half-open world as the game started became a favorite thing about it. Indeed, the game narrowed to more linear eventually, but those first sections were incredibly energetic.

Final Fantasy XVI – Here’s What The Players Expect From The Next Installment In The Series

So what people want from the Final Fantasy XVI is a mix between The Witcher 3 and The Elder Scroll but in the Final Fantasy world. This might seem crazy but fantastic at the same time. As a matter of fact, there appears to be a general agreement that a totally open-world game is the next generation and the future aim so anything else the Final Fantasy will present will be a step backward.

We believe that Final Fantasy XVI will definitely adopt the open world notion even more than XV dis. Some mixed thoughts appear, however, regarding the combat. Numerous players loved the Kingdom Hearts-type of combat in the Final Fantasy XV, but some wished for the previous party-based systems.

Essentially, gamers indicate the system utilized in Final Fantasy XII which was not long ago launched for Switch, as a model of what a party system in a 3D universe could be. In conclusion, what is for sure is the fact that players want life sim items in spades, such as interaction, immersion, and everything like the greatest open-world games on the market.

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