Teamfight Tactics Guide: What You Should Know Before You Play League of Legends’ New Game Mode?

Teamfight Tactics will be released in the League of Legends live client next week, after 9.13 Patch goes live. While Riot hasn’t announced an exact release date for TFT, Patch 9.13 will get to the live servers on June 25. This means that TFT will be available for anyone that has installed the LoL client, after patch 9.13 goes live.

A great majority of League of Legends players is hyped about the new permanent game mode, and while some of us got the chance to test TFT in the 9.13 PBE server, other had to read about the game mode or watch others stream it on Twitch. While Disguised Toast had a very long comprehensive guide (we talked about it here), let’s see what are the basic facts about TFT. It’s always good to know in advance some… teamfight tactics, right?

Teamfight Tactics Basic Guide

You will have to log into the LoL client, go to ‘Play’ and choose the Teamfight Tactics game mode. From there, you will get into a room where you can add more friends or just press ‘find match’ to start the game.

The game has 8 players, each building a composition from the League of Legends roster.

In the beginning, you will have to choose one champion from a spinning circle, and it will happen after each round finishes. Make sure to choose one that has a great item, one that is in the top tier list, or one that will help you upgrade your champion to 2 (or 3) stars – we’ll explain the star thing below in the ‘upgrading champions’ section.

Under the board, you will have at the bottom of the screen a roster of champions that show up each round – click on the ones you want to buy, and they will be sent to the bench. Only the champions on the board will fight – you must use the ones on the bench to place them on the board or to upgrade them.

The battle takes place on a board, and each player must strategically place some of their champions from the bench in a hex. Make sure the tanks are your frontline, and the ranged, spellers or assassins are behind.

The goal is to have a strong build of champions and defeat all the enemies and some monsters. The last player standing wins.

You will see in the bottom left of the board near the fire that some items will drop. Alternatively, if you choose a champion for an item in the spinning pool and want to use the item on a different champion, sell the champion with the item and place the item on top of the one you want to give it to.

Use the cheat sheets we provided here to learn what each item does, and the results after two are combined.

Save Gold!

To send champions from the roster to the bench you need gold. Some units cost 1, 2, 3, up to 5 gold. Use it to buy units, to reroll for a new roster to pick from or to level up your Little Legend so that you can add more champions to the board. If you don’t need a champion, you can sell it for gold.

It’s very important to know how to manage your gold – and it’s something I wished I knew better! Each round will generate 5 gold – passively. For every 10 gold you have in the bank, you receive 6 more (the 5 ones are the passives + 1 interest). If you gather 50 gold, you can gain 10 gold per round. It is better to keep your balance at 50 and not risk on rerolls.

Save your gold, and most importantly, wisely choose champions – we have a top tier list of champions in TFT and 8 winning builds for that.

Upgrade Champions

To upgrade a champion, make sure you have three copies of it – it will become ‘2 stars’. If you have 3 ‘2 star’ units, they will become one ‘3 star unit’. The higher the stars (3 is max), the bigger the chances you have to win the game.

I hope these tips were handy for the beginners!

Click on our pages if you want to learn more about Teamfight Tactics or League of Legends.

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