League of Legends Teamfight Tactics Tier Lists

Riot’s new permanent game mode Teamfight Tactics is set to go live in Patch 9.13, and it is already available for playtesting on the Beta server PBE (9.13).

We’ve recently shown you a bunch of TFT builds and cheat sheets in this article, but we all know that’s not enough to win matches. Here are some tier lists and tips on how to secure that win at the end of a match.

Basic Guide and Tier Lists

First of all, you should look at what all the 50 champions added in TFT do. Each one has an origin and a class, and they synergize if you have more from the same origin/class.

For example, if you put three Nobles – Garen, Lucian, and Vayne – you can get more armor and heal per hit. It’s very important for late game to know what are the most powerful groups of champions, and their chance of winning depends on them being from the same class or origin. Items are also very important, adding bonuses that help you win round after round.

However, even if we have those builds that count on synergy, there are some top champions we can add to our group, and they can help you win the games.

Just like in League of Legends, in TFT we have a top tier list with great choices. Right there, at the top, next to Garen and Aurelion Sol we have none other than the LEAGUE OF DRAAAVEEN! Believe it or not, but he was quite OP before riot had to update TFT in PBE to lower his stats for a bit.

Let’s check out a couple of Tier Lists from tftactics.gg and GiantWaffle:

The tier lists are a bit different, but again, it depends on the synergy they get with others. It looks like Draven is the best marksman in Teamfight Tactics, followed by Asol that needs other champions to synergse with like Shyvana or Karthus. Pair Garen with nobles to win in the late game.

Check our TFT builds for more ideas and go to our Teamfight Tactics page to stay updated on all the news and balance changes that will be added to the game mode!

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