Teamfight Tactics Guide: Best & Worst Origins In TFT Builds

You might have seen our TFT cheat sheets, or the other guides on the Teamfight Tactics page, which include a top of champions and the Best & Worst Classes In TFT Builds.

Today we’ll get to see all the pros and cons of the Origins and see which origins are good or bad. Also, remember that just like League of Legends other modes get tweaked, and we see champions getting buffed or nerfed, so are these lists going to change in time.

Let’s see what makes an origin a good choice or a bad one when building your composition in TFT. Below you have an Origins cheat sheet where we added all of them in a Top-tier/Mid-tier/Low-tier Origin list.

Top-Tier Origins


The best Origin in 9.13 is Glacial, as it immobilizes the enemies, and they cannot move, attack, or use abilities. Make sure you get all 6 to get the most out of the bonus, and you can ditch Braum, for instance, and get a better champion and make it Glacial by giving him the Frozen Mallet item.


The great things about this Origin are both the bonus and good tier champions. Unfortunately, it’s a bit difficult to get all four, and if you can’t grab Swain for the full composition, you’re going to have a bad time. You could, however, go for a class synergy and build Assassins around Kata by adding Akali (who also gets the Ninja bonus) and Pyke.


If you want to build a Ninja comp, make sure you either have one Ninja – Akali or all the four Ninjas to get the right bonus. Once you get your first Ninja, you can shift your comp to 4 Ninjas and if you don’t get them all, you can always go for the class combo – Assassins.


The bonus is great, and if you get both Shyvanna and Aurelion Sol, you can also try to synergize them with two Shapeshifters and with two Sorcerers. This makes for a versatile comp with three different synergies.


Considering attack speed is essential in TFT, you can always try Wild. A great comp should be with Gnar, Nidalee, Rengar, and Ahri, but also add Shyvana or Swain to get the Shapeshifter bonus.

Mid-Tier Origins


Nobles are mid-tier because the bonus for 3 is good, but getting to the 6 full build is tough, as you must rely on Kayle showing up in the roster – and she is a Legendary unit. Also, Fiora is a bad unit. As for Garen, Leona, Vayne and Lucian, they are good chamions but don’t synergize well. You can go for three Nobles, but unless you get Kayle, six is a bad idea…


The only reason we added Exiles to the mid-tier is that there’s only one of them. Nonetheless, it’s Yasuo, which is one of the most powerful champions in the game. Make sure you place them far from allies to get that bonus.


Except for Gnar, all of the other units are pretty bad. To get the first bonus, you need 3 Yordles, and they’re not that good, not to mention all 6 of them! You could try Gnar, Lulu, and Veigar, and add Aurelion Sol to go Sorcerers Yordles, but it’s not the dream comp.


The phantom bonus is decent because you can kill an enemy unit if you get two phantoms. You could go for Kindred – Karthus and complete with three more Rangers to work with Kindred.


The interesting bonus from demons is not really worth it considering that without Swain or Brand, your comp is mediocre. We don’t think you’ll be alive to reach the full composition.


Kha’Zix and Cho’Gath are pretty good, but you need thee of them to get the bonus and the rest are not that good. Plus, this comp is good against Nobles and Guardians comps, and they’re not that popular in our tier lists.


Robots would have been higher in our list if there were more units, and if Blitzcrank would have been a good unit. The bonus sounds great, but not for this robot.


This one is a bit weird because it’s not a bonus you can use in combat. It will grant you gold, but only to change to a better comp. Plus, GP and Graves are not that good. You could try Pyke, MF and Graves and go 4 Gunslingers with Lucian and Tristana, but again, don’t expect to win with this composition.

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