Teamfight Tactics Patch Notes, Twisted Fate to Be the 51st Champion Added in TFT

Today’s TFT article will focus on this week’s latest news, from the patch notes to balance changes and the 51st champion that will be added to the Champion pool.

TFT Tier 2 and Tier 3 Droprates

According to Riot Sap Magic, TFT players should rejoice, as the champion drop rates have been increased for Tier 2 and Tier 3. The image below shows the updated drop rates – compared to the old one that you can see here.

Now let’s see the latest changes to champions and traits in the following changelist from Riot August:

RiotAugust also noted that TFT players would be able to learn more about the TFT patch notes in a central hub starting with Patch 9.14:

“For patch 9.13 changes, we’re moving fast, which means we don’t have time for the standard localization process. For 9.14 and beyond, we will lock down a more consistent patch cycle that includes localization and a central hub that everyone can go to for TFT patch notes.”

The new TFT Champion: Twisted Fate Becomes the 51st Champion in TFT

In a long and exciting Twitter thread, Riot Wittrock, the Set Designer for Teamfight Tactics and former member of the Summoner Rift (balance) team revealed last night a new champion that will join the champion pool in TFT: it’s Twisted Fate!

Twisted Fate: Origin, Class, Ability, Cost

By the looks of this artwork, we’d say TF is a Pirate (Origin). However, the Class might be Sorcerer, increasing the Sorcerer count to 8.

This means building the Sorcerer build (and reaching the 6-set bonus) would be much easier.

Pick a Card or Wild Cards?

As for the abilities, TF’s best abilities that could be used in TFT are either Pick a Card or Wild Cards. While Wild Cards is pretty easy to pull off in TFT, the Pick a Card ability might be interesting to see in this game mode, considering it has TF cycling between the three cards. If he gets Pick a Card, he could use the Blue one to replenish his mana; it could use the yellow one to stun an enemy and the red one to deal splash damage around the target.

The gold cost for TF could be somewhere from 2 – 3 or 4 gold. Pricing it at 1 would mean that TF is not that worth buying, especially with the Pirate bonus which is the weakest Origin. Pricing him at over 2 – 3 gold means he’s a good champ to have in late game, and he could even be worth 4 gold, since there are no 4 cost Pirates, and Sorcerers only have one 4-cost unit.

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