Teamfight Tactics Top 3 Team Comps To Choose For Ranked

With the Teamfight Tactics Ranked mode getting introduced in the League of Legends client as soon as Patch 9.14 goes live, we’re all here playing TFT like crazy, trying to finally get that perfect composition. While the RNG might not always be in your favor, here’s the top tree team compositions you should try to build if you want to rank first.

Glacial Rangers

You will build this comp with a frontline and rangers that together will do a lot of damage and have a ton of survivability, plus CCs and a few other synergies as well.

Try keeping as much gold as you can – get to 50 gold ASAP, and this means no rerolling or leveling up. You must get your Vayne at 3 stars and build the team around her.

Early Game

In early game also get Mordekaiser and build him up as well. You can also add another noble – such as Garen (synergizes with Mordekaiser) with Lucian to have the Noble bonus from Vayne – Garen – Lucian. If you’re really unlucky, you could just get Fiora – in early she’s not that bad.

Mid Game

Add Volibear and Ashe to your team comp and Cho or Sejuani to get the Glacial buff. Your Voli and Cho will also synergize as Brawlers and give you that bonus HP.

You have the CC and many bonuses to win the game.


  • Make sure you give Varus a Frozen Mallet to make him a Glacial and to have the 4 unit bonus.
  • Add a Shojin Spear on Ashe and some attack speed item to make sure she completely stuns the enemy team
  • If you don’t find these units, you could try going four Glacials and two Rangers with: Vayne, Ashe, Volibear, Sejuani, Cho’Gath and Lissandra.

Wild Sorcerers

Get the buff for the entire team and make Aurelion Sol the carry. You will have the Shapeshifters carry your mid game until you stumble upon ASol. Make sure you use Warwick, Cho’Gath, and Gnar as the frontline.

Make sure you get to 50 gold without rerolling or leveling up. By the time you get there, you should have a 2 star Nidalee on the bench and one on the board. Get her to 3 stars. Kassadin and Warwick are 1 gold, so you can also get them to 3 stars. Make sure you reach level 7 to find Aurelion Sol.

Early Game

Play through the mid game with the 3 wild units you have – Nidalee, Warwick and Ahri. Add Kassadin and keep him around for the final build.

Mid Game

Makes sure you get the wild and shapeshifter buffs fast to win your way through the rounds until you find ASol. You should have on the board Nidalee, Warwick, Ahri, Kassadin, Shyvana and Gnar, but if you don’t find ASol, you can fill with Elise or Rengar until then.


  • add a Phantom Dancer on 3-star Kassadin and he’ll be tanky as hell.
  • Gnar with a GA should let him finally enable his ulti.
  • any items you have to spare can go to Shyvanna, which is immune to magic if you have ASol on the board.

Wild Imperials

Just like with the Wild Sorcerers, Nidalee, Warwick, and Ahri will help carry you in early until you add Draven to the mix. Add Cho’Gath, Sejuani, and Gnar to complete the frontline and CC. Draven and Swain are insanely OP with the wild and imperial buffs.

Make sure you reach 50 gold without using it on leveling up or rerolling. Get you Nidalee to 3 stars and don’t level up until you get the 3 star Warwick. If you can’t pull it off, level up to 7 and wait for Draven to show up.

Early Game

Nidalee, Warwick, and Ahri are good for early game, and you can also add a Darius to the bench/board to pair it with Draven once you get him.

Mid Game

Make sure you complete the wild and shapeshifter buffs and give Draven some items ASAP. If you don’t have enough wilds, you can always fill with Elise or Rengar and swap them later.


  • to get the shapeshifters buff, go for Shyvana until you see Swain.
  • if you can’t pull the shapeshifters buff, get Kata and Darius to reach the imperial buff for Draven.
  • add Swain in late game to get the imperial buff, and give Swain a PD or Dragon’s Claw to make him extra tanky.
  • you can also turn this build into Wild Shapeshifters and keep Draven – the team comp is: Nidalee, Warwick, Gnar, Rengar, Draven, Sejuani, Shyvana.

Bonus Builds

We know there are more builds you should check out – these three are the top ones (ranked S in tier lists), but the A ones are also great:

The collages are created with info from TFT.Mobalytics, which you should totally check out!

Check out our TFT page for more Teamfight news, guides, builds and cheat sheets! Also, stay up to date with all things League of Legends here!

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