Facebook Beta Update Rolls Out Today with Improved Software Stability

Since Facebook is the biggest social media app in the world and it has more than one billion monthly active users, then no one should be shocked to find out that the beta version of Facebook is updated nearly every day. The developers who are in charge of the social media app can’t afford to have any bugs or security breaches in the software of Facebook and here is where the constant stream of updates comes in.

One of the best things that Facebook users can do is to enroll in the app’s beta program. The reason behind this is that all beta users are the always the first ones to access all of Facebook’s latest updates and with that said, a brand-new one has arrived earlier this morning. Therefore, today we are going to present everything there is to know about Facebook’s new update.

Facebook Beta Update

What better way to start off your day other than to receive an update for your favorite app? Facebook fans should be pleased to find out that the beta version of the social media app has recently been updated. The new update sports the beta version number and it introduces a handful of bug fixes that take care of various issues.

Improved Software Stability

Even though Facebook is the biggest social media app in the world, this doesn’t mean that some errors can’t pop up from time to time. Luckily, the developers of Facebook are constantly releasing new updates that introduce bug fixes which take care of all issues.

Therefore, the overall software stability of Facebook is being taken to the next level by the new beta update. One last thing that we want to note is that the new update also brings a bundle of under the hood software tweaks that help the app run faster than usual.

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