Yandex Browser Update is Now Available with New Web Surfing Features

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating system are in a never-ending war. Even though it’s nearly impossible to determine which operating system is better because they both have their individual strengths and weakness, one thing is certain. The Android operating system gives users access to the Google Play Store and that is the place where millions of apps and mobile games can be downloaded from. The perfect example of this is how Android users get to pick and choose from a handful of mobile browsers when they first open their smartphones.

Since we are talking about mobile browsers, we want to mention that Yandex Browser has just received a new update. Yandex Browser is a popular app that has been downloaded for nearly two million times from the Google Play store alone and what makes Yandex Browser stand out from the rest is the fact that the developers are paying attention to all the feedback that they are receiving. This is where the new update comes in.

Yandex Browser Update

The latest update for Yandex Browser arrived earlier this morning and it sports the version number. The update is currently rolling out via OTA (over the air) channels and all Yandex Browser users can download it just by keeping their smartphones connected to the internet. This is a lightweight update that introduces a new feature that is categorized as a “Quality of life” change. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out the patch notes for the new update.

“Your suggestions never go unnoticed,” said the developers of Yandex Browser in the patch notes. “As requested by users, a new option is available: Always open desktop versions of all websites. If you’re tired of switching off mobile versions of sites all the time, go to ‘Site capabilities’ in browser settings and turn on the new option,” added the developers.

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