JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Star Hints at Season 6

While we have yet to hear any confirmation about the sixth season of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, one of the voice actors for the Golden Wind let it slip that the story of Jolyne Cujoh is definitely on his mind as Ray Chase, the voice of Bruno Bucciarati, made a reference to the Stone Ocean! With the fifth season receiving a blu-ray set this fall, and an interest in the franchise continuing to hit new heights, fans are at the edge of their seats to learn just when the anime produced by David Productions will make it’s grand return!

During the interview with both Ray Chase, and the voice of Giorno Giovanna in Phill Reich, the pair covered a multitude of in-depth and hilarious notes in their journeys as their respective characters. As Ray began discussing how he had to learn how to prepare to voice someone who lives in Italy, he made a reference to the fact that for Season Six, the voice actors will have to learn to speak “Floridian”. Jolyne and her band of Stand Users are, of course, trapped inside the prison walls of a maximum security penitentiary located in the heart of the southern state of the United States, making for a big departure for the anime juggernaut.

Viz Media had shared the panel via their Official Twitter Account that played on both Youtube and Twitch, walking through the past experiences of both Chase and Reich as they brought to life two of the biggest anime characters wielding Stands to date:

The interview gave us some insight into how each of these voice actors brought these “Bizarre Adventure” characters to life, ribbing one another as they dove into the lives of Giorno and Bucciarati. As fans of the fifth season know, Bucciarati tragically was killed in the final battle against Diavolo, but his spirit definitely lived on past his demise, pushing his friends forward in their quest to become the leaders of the Passione mob, in order to point it toward more altruistic paths.

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