Quiltmaking and Cats Combine in New Calico Board Game

calico hed
(Photo: Flatout Games)

AEG has announced it will publish Calico, a game about making quilts for cats to cuddle on, later this year. The upcoming board game, which was designed by Kevin Russ and originally funded through a Kickstarter campaign, will be released to retail stores in October. The game’s premise is simple – players try to sew the coziest quilt to attract cats to come and cuddle on it. Each turn, players place a patch tile and add it to their quilt in the hopes of creating certain pattern combinations. Bunching quilt patches of the same colors allow the players to add buttons to their quilt, while certain patch combinations attract cats. Players have to stick to a certain pattern, while also trying to create the perfect color and pattern combinations to attract the most cats. At the end of the game, players score points based on the number of cats and buttons they have on their quilt, along with sticking to the design goals on their specific quilt. In addition to a standard mode, Calico also has a Solo Mode and Family Mode for different styles of play.

Calico was originally developed by Flatout Games (the makers of AEG’s Point Salad) and launched a successful Kickstarter back in October 2019. Calico has earned a ton of early praise, even though the Kickstarter is set to be fulfilled until later this year. In a Kickstarter post, Flatout Games noted that AEG had assisted with the manufacturing of the game and that Faltout would still fulfill copies of Calico to its Kickstarter backers several months before AEG released the game to retail.

Calico will be released in retail stores this October, and will have a recommended retail price of $39.99.

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