Roman Reigns Boasts He’s the Most Important WWE Royal Rumble Competitor of All Time

Roman Reigns might currently not be on WWE‘s television programming due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but he’s still getting a ton of attention from fans by boasting that he believes he might be the most important Royal Rumble competitor of all time. As part of WWE’s deal with FOX, FS1 occasionally airs older pay-per-views to fill time in their schedule. The most recent re-airing was the re-broadcast of the 2017 Royal Rumble, and when WWE took to Twitter to promote the upcoming special Reigns definitely caught attention with his response.

Anticipating how fans would take this boast, Roman Reigns made sure to keep fans from “complaining” by looking back on the last five years of his work with the Royal Rumble itself, “I might be the most important Royal Rumble competitor of all time. Before you start complaining, just think about the last 5 years….”

While Roman Reigns definitely has a right to make such a boast considering how much of a pillar for the promotion he has been over the years, the 2017 Royal Rumble might not be the best example of his work. Taking place in San Antonio, this pay-per-view in particular saw Roman Reigns coming out at number 30 right after Undertaker made his appearance at number 29.

This was used as a way to continue the story between the two of them in which it initially seemed like Roman Reigns was going to be used as the one to finally retired the Undertaker. But as we all know by now, that match against Undetaker at that same year’s Wrestlemania went down as one of Undertaker’s least popular matches.


This match was even referenced during Undertaker’s The Last Ride documentary in which he addressed this directly, and was so displeased with how that match turned out that he continued to compete for a few more years in search of a final match. Then again while the eventual result was not a good look for Roman Reigns in particular, he did serve an important role in that Royal Rumble. But as the uncertainty of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep Reigns off screen, there’s a hope that he’ll be able to return by the next Royal Rumble!

What do you think of Roman Reigns’ claim? If he’s not the most important competitor, who is? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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