The Witcher RPG Adds New Monsters and the First Griffin Witcher with A Witcher’s Journal Supplement

The world of The Witcher is one filled with mysteries to solve and monsters to slay, but that amazing world just got even richer thanks to R. Talsorian Games’ newest release. The makers of The Witcher RPG recently revealed a new supplement titled A Witcher’s Journal, and it adds quite a bit of new content to an already robust roleplaying experience. A Witcher’s Journal adds 33 new monsters to the game for GM’s to disperse and challenge their players, but it also contains everything you need to create Higher Vampires and True Dragons, which have their own life path systems so that you can either build another powerful enemy or turn them into equally powerful allies for your campaign. It’s not all about monsters though, as A Witcher’s Journal also adds even more ways for your Gamemaster to build out the world.

The new supplement contains a new Investigation system, which will allow your GM to create mysteries that can either be focused around monster hunts, murders, and everything in between. You’ll also get contract postings that can be used by the GM for new adventures, and with every monster added to the game, you’ll also get all the components and mutagen information you’ll need to hunt them down.

Even better is all the lore you get, as players will learn all about Erland of Larvik, who was one of the first Witchers and actually the founder of the Griffin School.

(Photo: R. Talsorian Games)

The physical version of The Witcher’s Journal is available for $30.00 from R. Talsorian Game’s website and the digital PDF can be purchased for $15.00 from DriveThruRPG.

You can take a look at the official description below.

“Take a glimpse into the Golden Age of Witchers, when monsters roamed the world and you could hardly travel into the next town without running into a cyclops or a foglet! Through the journal of the founder of the Griffin School of Witchers, Erland of Larvik, you’ll encounter many new monsters; some of which haven’t been seen in generations.

A Witcher’s Journal is a supplement for the Witcher Pen & Paper RPG which gives you a number of new monsters and intriguing plot hooks to use in your game as well as new lore and an in-depth investigation system.


33 New Monsters: Terrorize the countryside with all manner of creatures, from deadly archespores to gruesome vedigo!
2 Exceptional Monsters: Create unique higher vampires and true dragons to populate the dark corners and high peaks of the Continent!
An In-depth Investigation System: Learn how to write out a mystery for your players to uncover as the game progresses or write up a murder mystery for a session of fun!
All New Lore: Learn the history of the Order of Witchers and the story of Erland of Larvik, the first Griffin!

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