UFC 251: Kamaru Usman Defeats Jorge Masvidal to Retain Welterweight Title

Kamaru Usman emerged victorious at UFC 251 against Jorge Masvidal. Fight Island is here and this first event went off with a bang as these two personalities collided in the Octagon. Only one could emerge victorious and Usman was the last man standing. Usman has never lost a fight in the UFC and that isn’t stopping now. The UFC Welterweight champion aced that second title defense and now looks to build even further. Its been a masterful run for Usman after that dramatic late TKO of Colby Covington at UFC 245. The challenger was fiesty in the lead-up to this bout, but it seems that his prediction didn’t exactly come true this time. Masvidal’s spirited back and forth with Usman was a definite highlight, but now we have an answer of who’s the baddest man. Fans are no doubt questioning the decision as the flow of the bout wasn’t exactly a high-octane affair. Twitter is full of jokes about flat feet because of all the claims that there was to much stomping going on.

I’m) cold-blooded as can be,” Masvidal told the world about how he would beat Usman. “His body is grasping for air as I’ve got my hand raised over him. I’m just going to baptize him, man, for the world to see. It’s going to be violent.”

Usman told ESPN in response to that prediction, “All I’m gonna say is that I’m going to bless him with these hands in any way possible. Whether he’s on his back, I will bless him with these fists. Whether he’s standing up, I will bless him with these fists. So, it’s up to him how he’s able to handle that. Whether he lets me bless him quickly in the first round, where there is no more suffering. Or he can take it like Covington and I’ll bless him for 24 minutes until I get him out of there.”

“In the world right now, he’s the biggest baddest challenge for me to have. I don’t dismiss him at all. I know this guy is tough, I know he’s smart, he came out and prepared for a dogfight,” he added. “So, I don’t dismiss him at all. This is going to be the biggest, baddest dude I’ve fought yet. So, I would say, yes, going up and being able to overcome this would be the most satisfying.”


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Photo Credit: USA TODAY via Imagn Content Services

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