Star Wars: Solo Concept Art Teases Showdown on Top of the Millennium Falcon

When concept artists begin to work on a fantastical project like Solo: A Star Wars Story, a number of images are crafted to convey all manner of exciting encounters, with Star Wars artist Vincent Jenkins taking to his Instagram page to share an image he crafted in which a showdown is unfolding on top of the iconic Millennium Falcon. Given that concept artists are allowed to create images depicting any manner of events, even if there was never any plan to include them in the film, it’s unclear what the artist had in mind for what the narrative surrounding this scene would have been, though it makes for a compelling image regardless.

“Another concept from Solo, this was an idea I wish made it in,” Jenkins captioned the photo. “A showdown upon the roof of the Falcon. Inspired by True Lies, one of my fav. films.”

When concept art lands online, fans have a tendency to assume these are sequences that were planned for a film but were ultimately abandoned. Potentially confirming that the below image wasn’t inspired by anything in the actual script is that the Falcon has already jettisoned its escape pod, giving its nose its signature look, which doesn’t happen until late in the film. However, since one of the final scenes is when Han and Qi’ra confront Dryden Vos, its possible that Jenkins was aware of this exchange and envisioned it happening on top of the Falcon.

Sadly, as each day goes by, it seems more unlikely that we could see the standalone adventures of Han, with the above image seemingly never coming to life for the big screen.

Despite Solo earning relatively positive reviews from critics, it fell short of earning $400 million worldwide, making it the lowest-grossing film in the live-action Star Wars series. In the years since its release, no word has emerged that Lucasfilm has any plans of continuing the adventures of these characters. The studio currently has three announced release dates for upcoming films, while Disney+ has a number of new live-action Star Wars series on the way.


Stay tuned for details on the future of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

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