Matt Cardona Reveals New Theme Song for Post Zack Ryder Era

Matt Cardona, former WWE star Zack Ryder, is preparing to hit the independent scene for the first time in nearly 15 years following his April release from WWE. The former Intercontinental Champion has been posting teasers on his social media page over the last several weeks with looks at his new Internet Championship belt, gear, and now the new theme song that will bring him to the ring. The theme was recorded by the band Downstait, the same group who did Cody Rhodes’ AEW theme song.

Cardona revealed the theme song on his social media pages on Friday after alluding to how much he has liked the songs for weeks. It has an early 2000s feel, for sure, which the band acknowledged on Twitter was the direction they were going for.

Listen to the theme below, courtesy of Spotify.

During an interview with back in May, Cardona looked ahead to his post-WWE career, including a possible run with AEW.

“I love AEW,” Cardona said. “Cody and Brandi, two of my closest friends. Would I love to wrestle with Cody in AEW? Absolutely. Guys who were in WWE, like Brodie Lee, I’d love to wrestle. Guys like (Jon) Moxley. I’ve had kick ass matches with them both. I’d love to do that. But there’s also so many guys like Trent (Beretta). A guy like Trent, who I grew up with, who I started in wrestling school with. I’d love to wrestle Trent. I watch the show every week. You have to. I’m a huge AEW fan. So I would love to wrestle… Honestly, there’s so many guys like SCU, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian never got in the ring with those guys. There’s so many guys. It’s not like who do I want to wrestle. It’s who I don’t want to wrestle and the answer, I want to wrestle everybody. There’s nobody on that roster who I don’t want to wrestle. That’s the answer to the question really.”

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