My Hero Academia Shares Midnight’s Life-or-Death Orders for Momo

My Hero Academia has been pushing through one of its most intense arcs to date, and it seems like things are about to get wild for Class 1-A. While Izuku and Bakugo are facing off with Shigaraki, the rest of their class has been in the back of war awaiting the results of the frontline. Now, a new chapter of the manga has put Class 1-A in the thick of things, and it put Momo in quite the hard predicament.

So you have been warned! If you have not read chapter 278 of My Hero Academia, there are major spoilers below:

If you have reached the final pages of My Hero Academia‘s chapter, you will know what the new update does. After the frontline was unable to stop Shigaraki from awakening, everyone was thrown off balance when Gigantomachia reared his massive head. The beast is said to be the strongest being out there, and his desire to chase Shigaraki has put thousands of lives on the line.

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When Midnight fails to stop augmented man, she passes on some important advice to Momo in the rear. The Pro Hero knows the girl is the only one capable of leading Class 1-A through the battle coming for them. Despite being gravely hurt, Midnight shares her life-or-death orders to Momo, and she commands the honors student to sedate Gigantomachia.

“Since brute force won’t stop him, put him to sleep! You’ll be breaking the law, sure, but the situation is desperate. He must be sedated,” Midnight calls.

“Get the sedative to the heroes! And then get outta there! If things look dicey, save yourselves! I trust you’re judgment!”


By the chapter’s end, Momo has used her quirk to create enough sedatives to put down Gigantomachia, but they still have to reach the heroes who can actually administer it. The other issue plaguing Class 1-A is the villains closing in on them, so they will have to fight to even reach the pros. They have a lot of work to do to fulfill Midnight’s orders, and fans are hoping the heroine is still alive to see their accomplishment.

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