Comic-Con 2020: Kevin Smith Was Censored for Cussing Way Too Much for His Panel

If you know Kevin Smith, you know by now the filmmaker isn’t afraid to hold back his true thoughts, NSFW language and all. During Smith’s Comic-Con@Home spotlight panel, the censors had their work cut out for him as the director swore a total of 113 times over the course of the panel. Our friends at GameSpot did the math on the cursing, tracking the auteur’s swear pacing and all. In the first two minutes alone, Smith was bleeped at a rate of 3.5 BPM (bleeps per minute.)

Things slowed from there on out, coasting to a gradual 2.69 BPM when he started to talk about Masters of the Universe: Revelation, an animated series he’s actively working on for Netflix. His final BPM finished off around 1.94 BPM as he coasted to a more family-friendly ending; or as family-friendly as one can be with the guy behind Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. There’s a whole breakdown on Smith and his swearing here.

The next major project for Smith will be Masters of the Universe, a show that’s chugging along despite production shutdowns. This past week, the creator revealed several big names associated with voice acting for the series — like Lena Headey and Mark Hamill — have both finished their roles on the show.

“I did recording today remotely for Masters of the Universe — all the recording sessions now you have one person here, one person here, and one person there,” Smith said on the latest episode of his Fatman Beyond podcast with Marc Bernardin. “The other day, we finished Lena Headey‘s stuff, which was awesome. She’s over in the UK, so it was early in the morning for us, like 8 a.m. but whatever time it is over there. I could just listen to her all f-cking day long, man. She just brings it and chews that f-cking dialogue and makes it so good. Think of anyone in your life, have them say ‘wretched,’ and she beats them.


“Stephen Root finished up all of his Cringer stuff, absolutely wonderful,” he added. “We finished Chris Wood and all the He-Man/Prince Adam stuff. We finished up Sarah Michelle Gellar for all the Teela stuff and today was like all Mark. All of the Skeletor stuff is now recorded. I’ve heard now all of the scripts brought to life. I’ve heard the last line of the show, so it’s been fantastic.”

Cover photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

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