The PlayStation Revolution Documentary to Debut in September

For decades, the PlayStation console has been a beloved part of many people’s lives. Just before the release of the PlayStation 5 this holiday season, fans of the console will get a chance to celebrate it in a very specific way. A long-awaited documentary surrounding the PlayStation, titled The PlayStation Revolution, is set to be released on September 7th. The feature-length documentary, which is part of the From Bedrooms to Billions documentary series, will chronicle the ups and downs of Sony’s gaming output since 1994. It will conveniently coincide with PlayStation US and UK’s 25th anniversary in September.

The documentary will feature interviews from past and present fixtures at PlayStation, including Mark Cerny, Jim Ryan, Hideo Kojima, Phil Harrison, Kazunori Yamauchi, Fumito Ueda, David Jaffe, Shinji Mikami, and more. It is written and directed by Anthony and Nicola Caulfield, who previously wrote and directed From Bedrooms to Billions and From Bedrooms to Billions: The Amiga Years.

The PlayStation Revolution first began as a Kickstarter project, and went onto to exceed Its fundraising goal and gross over ?55,000.

“During the production of our two previous films so many developers, publishers, musicians and journalists we interviewed said that the release of the PlayStation was a ‘game changer’ for the games industry on many different levels,” the Caulfields write on the KickStarter page. “Therefore it is our intention to film a whole new set of interviews to add to our already extensive list to create a standalone, immersive and highly nostalgic film that really explores why the release of the PlayStation and the era that soon followed was a key period in the evolution of video games. Those that know our work will understand we are both passionate and intent on documenting the games industry as thoroughly, but also to be as entertaining as we can.”

The documentary will arrive at a major turning point for PlayStation as a brand, with the elusive PlayStation 5 set to arrive in the 2020 holiday season. The next-gen console is set to revolutionize fans’ expectations regarding the console, and feature highly-anticipated new titles such as Horizon Forbidden West, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, and more.


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From Bedrooms to Billions: The PlayStation Revolution will debut on September 7th.

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