Aggretsuko Season 3 Debuts First Trailer

Aggretsuko will soon be launching the much anticipated third season of the series later this month on Netflix, and now it has debuted the very first trailer to celebrate! Announced last Summer following the release of the second season, not much had been revealed about the third season of the fan favorite anime series ever since it was first confirmed to be in development. That was until earlier this Summer when Aggretsuko not only gave us our first look at the third season of the series, but confirmed that it will be releasing worldwide later this August.

Gearing up for its big premiere around the world on August 27th, Netflix has finally debuted the first trailer for Aggretsuko Season 3. Like the first two seasons of the series, Retsuko finds herself dealing with all sorts of new woes as she suddenly has a bit of money trouble. Making it even stranger, her new job finds her working for a growing idol group.

Thanks to a number of surprising new debts Retsuko finds herself dealing with in the third season, the trailer sees her balancing her already stressful work like with a new night job that has her managing a touring idol group and its trio of strange characters. All the while she will be working with one of the new characters coming in the third season, a flashy unicorn businessman named Seiya.

Aggretsuko Season 3 Netflix
(Photo: Netflix)

Fans might recognize Seiya’s voice actor, Yuki Kaji, who has provided the voice for characters like Attack on Titan’s Eren Yeager and Carole & Tuesday‘s Joshua among many others. It’s currently unclear what Seiya’s role in the third season will be just yet (he’s probably involved with the idol group in some way), but this character will definitely be adding to Retsuko’s growing mountain of stresses that will eventually lead to her famous karaoke explosions. Considering how troubled she was during the second season of the series, it seems her worries are far from over going forward into the third season!

What do you think? Are you excited to see Aggretsuko‘s third season later this August? What did you think of the first two seasons of the series? Where does Aggretsuko rank among your favorite Sanrio franchises in the Hello Kitty universe? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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