IPhone 12 Pro camera, better than Samsung and Vivo in DxOMark tests

The iPhone 11 series was a big leap in performance in terms of photography for Apple phones, and the iPhone 12 models now promise even greater improvements. DxOMark tests confirm some of the company’s statements at the October event, revealing that Apple has indeed managed to improve the camera on the iPhone 12 Pro, at least. The new Apple smartphone surpasses in the DxO ranking all Samsung devices launched this year, but lags behind models such as Huawei P40 Pro and Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra.

In fact, Apple seems to lose many points in this ranking mainly due to the performance below the competition of the zoom camera. It has received a small upgrade, now offering a wider aperture f / 2.0, but the fairly small sensor and magnification factor of only 2x can’t compensate enough to compete with cameras with 3 or 5x optical zoom. In fact, the ultra-wide camera continues to be the weakest link in the entire Apple camera system, and it is present on all iPhone 12 models.

The camera on the iPhone 12 Pro is surpassed only by Huawei and Xiaomi

And yet, even with two weaker cameras than others on board, this phone manages to reach a score of 128 points in the DxOMark tests, thus lowering by one place the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro model, which obtained a similar score of 128 of points. Compared to last year’s iPhone 11 Pro Max, the new Pro model has an input of only 4 points.

The strengths of the Apple camera system seem to be consistent results in most lighting conditions, both in photo and video mode. The colors are natural, the focus is fast and correct, and inside, photo processing ensures that the details are kept in frames, using Deep Fusion algorithms. Last but not least, the video stabilization is very good.

But small sensors have other limitations, such as a smaller dynamic range, a high image noise level in low light frames, and various visual artifacts, including reflections of highly visible light sources, especially at night.

In theory, the iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is equipped with a more efficient stabilization main camera and a larger sensor, should be even better than the 12 Pro, while the zoom camera should also deliver results. better, offering a magnification factor of 2.5x compared to the main one.

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