From now on, you will be able to search on Instagram and using common words, just like on Google Search

Instagram users will be able to search by content and using keywords, alternative to hashtags or usernames.

In the new form, we will be able to search Instagram as well as Google Search, using expressions that directly reflect the topic we are interested in, without being limited to hashtags and user account names. Initially aimed at English speakers, the change could allow more precise localization of content for which we do not know the appropriate author or hashtag, or simply the content has not been tagged by the author.

Promised to users in other parts of the world, the functionality is probably based on machine learning (AI) technologies, responsible for automatically classifying Instagram posts based on the content detected in the images. But according to Instagram administrators, the equation includes several factors to determine exactly what content is returned for keyword searches, including the descriptions attached to the posts.

It appears that Instagram intends to restrict keyword searches to exclude certain terms, thus drawing the line between “topics of general interest” and content search that may violate the posting rules.

The new search option will be available in the US, Canada, UK, as well as Instagram users in other major regions.

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