The top of the best animated films we will be able to see next year

In a list of animated films that will be released by the end of the year and next year, after “Tom and Jerry” (March 5, 2021), the warrior Raya from the movie “Raya and the last dragon” reigns.

If all goes according to plan, “Raya and the Last Dragon” will be released on March 12, 2021. The story is as simple as the characters are cute. In Lumandra, a realm in another world, on an Earth reimagined and populated by an ancient civilization, Raya tries to find the last dragon alive. She trained all her life to become the best warrior. Slightly upset by how humanity is changing, Raya is convinced that in order to restore peace in the world, she must find the dragon.

The film does not lack good music, nor the funny scenes that Raya and her comrade give birth to in their adventures to find the dragon. The film is a Walt Disney Animation Studios production directed by Don Hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada, starring actress Cassie Steele.

In a few days, the adventures of the Croods family will be “launched”

With a cast that includes Emma Stone, Nicolas Cage and Ryan Reynolds, the animation “The Croods” will be released on November 25. In “The Croods. A new Age ”, the continuation of the adventures of 2013, the focus is on the prehistoric Croods family who are looking for the perfect place to call“ home ”.

The searches lead them to an unreally beautiful place where they would feel at home, only they would not be alone. A family, The Betterman, already lives there. Slowly, the Croods family learns new things from this family with whom they become very good friends. However, as in any situation, not everything can be really pink, so small tensions arise. However, they only make the action more exciting and the scenes more funny.

The adventures of the Minions continue in 2021

“Minions 2. The rise of Gru” is an animation that had several release dates but, due to the pandemic, filming was stopped. According to the new plans, the release date is July 2, 2021. The film is a continuation of the 2015 comedy, and the story presents Gru’s attempts to make a name for himself. He manages more to make enemies of those in whose circle he wanted to enter.

Thinking he was impressing them, he stole an amulet from under their eyes, and this was not exactly a clever move. From here to awkward and very funny situations is just one step, and all the adventures will be seen on screen in July next year.

“Rumble” is tearing down the world of wrestling

This film also had several delayed release dates. The animated sports comedy “Rumble” will be released in theaters in May 2021. In short, the action takes place around the sport of wrestling, the ring and the current official champion being thirsty for a new figure in the fight.

Contrary to expectations, but also easily predictable as a scenario, the long-awaited new champion is definitely the one that no one would ever think of. As in any movie, it once again shows that ambition and a lot of work make room for success.

“Jungle Cruise” – ideas for summer plans

If you still don’t know how and where to live dangerously in the summer of 2021, maybe the movie “Jungle Cruise” gives you some ideas. But make sure you take all the precautions because where there is adventure there is a need for a hero.

The film brings Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt on a series of jungle adventures, with more and more dangerous moments. But as there is always a hero who “deals” with all the dangers that the Amazon jungle hides, this film also has its secrets. Unfortunately, to find out, fans of the two actors and the story have to wait until July 2021, when the release in theaters is scheduled.

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