Samsung is improving OLED production lines, hoping for new contracts with Apple

Following the news that Apple is investing in the development of its own screen factory and aims to migrate its product portfolio to alternative mini-LED technology, Samsung is responding to the challenge by improving the quality of OLED screens.

The goal is to obtain a new contract for the iPad Pro range (2021), offering a superior quality-price ratio.

Apple demands better quality OLED screens from Samsung and LG

According to industry sources, Samsung is investing in the refurbishment of a screen factory in the Asan-si region of Chungnam, South Korea, after Apple requested to meet considerably stricter specifications than those agreed for OLED screens used with the current iPhone 12 family. The same claims were sent to the LG Display supplier, its ability to meet the required requirements not being clarified yet. Apparently, the negotiations are at a price stage, Apple expecting offers from both suppliers.

Also in response to the requests received, Samsung also aims to increase production capacity for the new Blue QLED technology. Announced just a few weeks ago, the technology developed primarily for TVs and large screens promises a slightly cheaper OLED alternative with almost as good results.

In addition to supplying Apple with tablet screens, Samsung could use the extensive facilities for OLED production and in order to attract new customers in the automotive industry, looking for advanced solutions for equipping entertainment centers on board the latest car models.

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