Internet users believe they have solved the mystery behind a monolith discovered in the Utah desert

A metal monolith recently discovered in the desert of the American state of Utah made a sensation, and many people advanced the idea that it could even be of extraterrestrial origin.

The object was discovered by the crew of a helicopter, of the Department of Public Safety, which helped an organization to count wild animals in the area.

However, users of the Reddit social network believe that they have discovered what is behind this monolith. They found out the approximate geographical coordinates of the object (those who discovered it did not make it public) by following the helicopter’s flight path on specialized sites.

The monolith is located near Canyonlands National Park and the Colorado River. After finding out this information, the “investigators” used Google Earth to try to find out when the monolith first appeared. They discovered that he got there sometime between August 2015 and October 2016.

Scenes from many series and movies, filmed in the area where the mysterious monolith was found
Around the same time, the SF series “Westworld” was filmed somewhere nearby. Thus, the monolith was left there accidentally by the production team or someone put it just to make a joke to the whole world.

Scenes from other series and movies were also filmed in the area, including “127 Hours” and “Mission: Impossible 2”.

Authorities have asked people not to go there to see the object, as there is a risk of being stranded in the desert.

The monolith – about 3.7 meters high, made of shiny silver metal – is buried in the sand. In Utah, it is illegal to place such structures in public space without permission, “no matter what planet you are on,” the Department of Public Safety said in a statement.

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